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Monday, September 14, 2009

Saving Lou-La Bella.....

G'day everyone, My share today is two cards I've made for Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday tea party.  If you don't know this weeks story head over to her blog, here first.  Then come back and share my story.
If you already know Mothermarks Lou-La Bella Story read on...
Lady Zahara Baba is on a mission, to help save a fellow ladybug,
From a kidnap drama by a very nasty yella thug.
Ladybug Lou-La Bella Rock-a-fella has been taken, snatched away,
Her Mother is hosting a tea party, in hopes of saving the day.
So, in her V.W. beetle convertible, swift and fast,
Zahara's zooming and vrooming to help squish him into the past.
For extra security and some muscles that are big and strong,
She has bought her cousin Bazza along.
Now, Bazza is a bouncer, he can lift heavy things, but, he ain't that bright.
He might just be the ticket, to give that yella fella a great big fright!
They'll partake of tea and bickies, 'til they are full and fat,
Then help save Lou-La Bella, by squashing that big, ugly, yella, thug, bug FLAT!
Hope you enjoyed my story and my cards. Let me know what you think.
Thanks for popping by and happy creating.
Cheers, Deb


  1. Bwahaha!!! OMG! These cards are priceless! Hee! I am not kidding this Lou-la-Bella challenge created the most adorable lady bug cards! Your cards are so unique and fun! They just scream happiness! Me thinks your Bazza is the equivalent to a bug thug only in the ladybug category and what better way to battle a thug than with another thug! Snort!

    I hope that you are loading these to SCS and putting keywords MMTPT63 in there so all the girls can see them! They are just so precious! Love them both, makes me smile!

    Well worth the wait while you were trying to get your littles ones to cooperate with your card making....

    What beautiful roses on your side bars!

  2. Ooh...I forgot to say how incredible cute the VEE-DUB is! Snort! If that brand of car was for real, the car industry would not be in the shape it is in at this time! I would buy one! Giggle...probably a red one....with polka dots on it! Snort!

  3. Oh, I LOVE your cards!!! What a fabulous addition to the Ladybug saga, especially Bazza the bouncer. I got such a giggle out of that. Thanks so much for sharing your creative cards!!

  4. What arling ladybugs for Mothermark's SCS Challenge! Soooo CUTE!

    M aka Stamp Muse (SCS)

  5. Your cards are so cute and your verse is so clever.
    Zahara and Bazza are the best duo ever.

  6. How creative - with the cards and the poem. Thanks for sharing a few smiles.

    Dorothy / etsdas