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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Pink Pic-a-nic Basket.....

G'day Everyone,  I have finally found some time to do a post.  I think someone has hit the fast forward button.  I'm on the lookout for the culprit, so if you see someone running around with my remote pushing my fast forward button please let me know! Lol.

Onto todays share, the card I have for you is one I made to play along with Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday.  You can see her story here.  Mothermark is taking a break for a while.  And I'm very late with this card, but, I had already sketched out my idea and poem before my fast forward button had been hit (remember keep a lookout).  I finished the card and thought I may as well share it any wayz!  Onto the card and my poem......

The Pink Pic-a-nic Basket

There's a Teddy Bear in there,
Some giant pears as well,
There are wedges of watermelon,
And cheeky prawns in their shell.

There's Mississippi Mud Pie,
And fresh Honey in a pot,
There's Southern Fried Chicken,
Hmm, crispy and hot.

The Teddy is a cuddly friend for Barney Bear,
The food is for everyone to share.
A pic-a-nic tea party in Yellowstone Park.
Let's show this little bear some love and have a great lark!

A little bit about the card.....  I paper weaved the basket.  I cut the cardstock into strips, then inked the edges, cut out the basket shape and taped all the strips on, on an angle.  Then I weaved the strips on the other angle and taped the ends behind.  Cut and inked the top and handles and then taped it all together and put the brads on the handles.

I was going to make this card a never ending card, I found the idea for that here on Dawn's blog.  The problem with trying to do that, was the basket was too bulky, and I would have had to cut it in half.  So, instead of making the cardstock at the back two pieces I kept it as one and made it so the top and bottom can flip open to reveal the picnic.  See the side view above. 

Well, that's it from me today folks, hope you enjoyed my card.  And, PLEASE, if you see a person running a round with my remote let me know!

Thanks for popping by and happy creating!
Cheers, Deb 

P.S.  I forget to tell you, I'm now a GREAT Aunt, our niece gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Wednesday night.  Bubby is absolutey gorgeous!  Mum and bub are doing well!  So is Dad.

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  1. Whoever flipped your fast forward on seems to have done mine too. If you find the nasty little blighter slap him silly for me too! Love the card. Never thought of weaving sideways always vertical and horizontal so nice tip. Love the neverending card and Dawn's instructions are so easy to follow.