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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post-It In The Bag.......

G'day, Yes I have been MIA(Missing In Action).  Taking some time out to start on the house declutter and organising.  I have decided to do my blogging at night. Hopefully, this way I can be here a bit more regularly.
Here is my share for today, A Post-It Note handbag.  I designed this myself.  The idea came from seeing two different creations.  One was for a post-it note handbag with a rectangular front and back.  It had the post-it note glued in by the spine to the middle.  I saw it and thought what a wonderful idea.  Then, I saw another creation that used the handbag shaped, and had the flap with a ribbon handle at the top.  This one was a card with a pouch for a gift voucher.  Again, I thought terrific idea.
My imagination started to fire and I combined the two ideas into my creation.  And, this was what I made for my family, and a girlfriend, for Christmas pressies.  
I made the first one, and was using it as a pattern.  It started to get a little ratty, I said to Mum that I wasn't going to use it as a gift.  She asked why and I told her because it was a bit ratty.  She said don't be silly I'll have that one.  So, I gave it to her and she absolutely loved it.  She wanted to learn how to make one, for a penfriend of hers.  So, I helped her to make this one.      

Here is the Front, the one thing we did differently on this, is the tag.  I just love it, and wish I had thought of it for the Chrissie pressies as well.

Here is a side view.  A real chunky little bag.  I think it's cute.

This is the inside.  I designed the box, for the post-its, so you can replace them when they are finished.  A small piece of ribbon holds the pen in place, and you just slide it out when you need it.  Easy, peasy!

I used this small piece of scrap designer paper, to stick onto the top of the post-it note stack.  When you remove a note it leaves a sticky residue, you just place the scrap on the sticky and, presto, a cute topper for the stack.

Well, that's it me for today.  Hope you are having a great week.  Fingers crossed I will be here more often. 

Thanks for popping by and happy creating.
Cheers, Deb


  1. That looks great Deb, you're very clever.:) It looks very cute and such a nice gift idea. I love using post it notes and so do my girls they don't last long.:)

  2. Thats so cute! aren't you clever. I was working on a bag of note cards inspired by things I saw on the WWW, I hope to take some pics and blog it soon. ;)

  3. This is just so cute Deb! Love it!

  4. This is a fantastic idea! Very cute!